Solve your connectivity challenges with a private mobile network— consistent coverage, range and scale for your business needs

  • IoT solution
  • Smart energy solution
  • Community edge solution
  • Extended wireless coverage

Smart Agriculture / AG-Tech

Edgenectar SmartMonitor's private, mobile network (5G) provides advanced connectivity for smart farming. Our subscription-based, mobile edge computing system optimizes and simplifies data collection and analysis between greenhouses, improving business processes resulting in better oversight and operations management.



The healthcare industry is undergoing a period of transformation while also being cost constrained.

Our neutral, in-building 5G solution offers the dual benefit of cost savings and increased efficiency. Your private network provides connectivity to support common work functions, enhanced machine communications, security and applications lay the groundwork for the future of healthcare.

Smart Energy

Connected workers, staff and partners need access to all enterprise resources via secure connections. A typical use case is AR applications for field technicians.


Community Edge

Edge computing and a private mobile network make communities more efficient because it drives down end-to-end latency. By distributing payloads, we can avoid overloading the core network with processing tasks, ensuring that the network remains functional and secure even as data increases.

Regardless of your community needs, EdgeNectar's private mobile networks have a solution that will increase connectivity and save you money and hassle.

Fixed Wireless Access

Built onsite with the capability to integrate with 5G Edge, loT and other applications- Edgenectar's private 5G networks provide wireless broadband using radio links between two fixed points, offering high-bandwidth, low-latency performance for the most heavy applications without relying on Wi-Fi.


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